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Restless Confusion
August 26, 2008, 9:30 pm
Filed under: Sims2

Oh yeah, I was playing Sims, and by playing I mean taking endless screenshots, last night and I got some real nice ones. Photoshop called to me, and thus, they were edited to my hearts content. Theres only a couple for now, but I am pretty proud. I love my simmies.  These photos are of my characters from the story Restless Confusion, which is also their Band name in the story. Click the pics for full size!

Oh dear. It seems Dreyden is harrassing Jason AGAIN. He’s giving him that “I own you” look. Of course, Jason is just like “Dude, why the hell are you bothering me?” Poor Jay, always getting molested. I’m sure Bryan won’t be too pleased if he were to see what Drey is up to. 😮

Watch out! Hes using his charm and “innocent” personality to get into your pants, Jay! Or maybe he really is falling for you? Maybe we’ll find out soon enough. I wonder how Jason looks right about now? Hehe…

Annnd I think poor Mr. Kraizer just got turned down…. or pushed down… or something. He looks very depressed. I’m going to chalk it up to him and Jason not really getting along.  Stubborn lil’ Jay always hurting peoples feelings. *Shrug*

ZOMG I could not resist this pic. He looks so fucking HAWT here. I caught this cap by total accident, too. I have no idea what anim I was using, but I wish I could find it again.  I swear he’s probably staring at Jay thinking about raping him or something…


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