Realize a Dream

“I promise, I’ll keep you safe.”
September 2, 2008, 3:18 am
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Ah, my pretties. I managed to get the new EP, Apartment Life, and turns out it was just perfect for moving the story along. Dreyden decided to stay in LA with Jay, even though Jay would rather have him gone back to Boston. He rented an apartment right next to Jason, hehe. Needless to say, Jason wasn’t too excited about it.

Well, I took some pics of the happenings lately, and they are rather good! Don’t mind my silly story-telling. I do it for fun. 😀 Click the pics for full size.

Drey managed to get Jason to go out with him, to the park. Soon enough, Jay heard some awesome piano and ran over to watch. Dreyden had no idea why he was so excited, and asked him why he had such a happy face on all of the sudden. Jason turned and smiled at him. “I love music.” He told him, turning back to the pianist as Drey walked and stood beside him. “You’d know that if you knew anything about me.

Upon his realization of things, Drey hopped on stage and grabbed the mic. “I can’t sing worth a shit…” he told Jay, who was staring in confusion. “But I’ll still try for you, Jay.” He cleared his throat and began to sing, “You are my inspiration~” Despite his best effort, everyone in the park started to boo him off stage. But he kept going, and finally, Jason cracked a smile. That’s all he needed…

A couple of days pass without the two seeing each other. They finally run into each other at the local coffee shop, and although Jason tried his best to avoid him, Drey followed him out. They went to the park again in search of the pianist, but she was no where to be found. Tired, frustrated and bored, Jay dropped to the ground and lied back into the grass to watch the clouds. Drey followed suit and they talked about random oddities for awhile, before they suddenly heard a squeel. Jay and Drey both sat up quickly to investigate. “Oh my god, it’s really EmoIcon!!” some random punk’d our girl was telling her friend, pointing towards the two. “Oh, can we PLEASE take your picture? Please?” Her begging was getting on Drey’s nerves, but Jason waved his hand. “Relax.” He nodded to the girls. “It’s just another fangirl taking a picture.” The girls snapped a few shots and managed to get his autograph before they finally went about their business.

Weeks had passed. Drey was getting frustrated and annoyed with Jason. Despite all of his attempts to get close to him, all he ever did was push him away. This was the last straw. He jumped in the shower to think things over, and finally settled it. He knew Jason was completing a show right now, and he got dressed and hurriedly ran to the concert.

Backstage, he met with Jason, who was getting ready to leave and go home. Everyone else had apparently already left, so Drey took this as his chance. He marched up to him and stared into his eyes. Jason could only look in confusion, then, Drey took the chance, and snatched him into his arms. “What are you doing? Get off of me!” Jason struggled to escape his grasp but Drey had a tight hold on him. “Please… let me have just one…” he leaned in, his lips inches from Jays. “…kiss….”

Losing balance, they both fell to the ground. Drey held on tight to Jay and cusioned the fall for him. He only wanted to make this man happy, but he knew with all thats happened, Jason wasn’t going to give him a chance. He held Jason close for a few minutes and sighed. “I promise…” he whispered to him. “I’ll keep you safe. Trust me, Jason.” He decided he would never stop trying. He couldn’t make himself not love him.

Drey scooped Jason up into his arms and carried him outside, where he grabbed a Taxi. It was time to go home. The taxi drove them home and they both went their seperate ways. Hours after they had both went to bed, neither of them could sleep. Drey sat up and tossed the blankets back. He couldn’t stand it any longer. He went out, in only his boxers, and knocked on Jason’s door. After a few moments had passed, Jason answered and they stood in the doorway, staring into each others eyes. Drey moved into the door, and took Jason into his arms. Surprisingly, Jason didn’t protest. He looked at Drey longingly. “What the hell am I doing?” Drey could only smile. “You’re letting go.” He leaned in and carressed his lips lightly with his own before going for the full blown kiss.

Annnnd— thats all I have for now. I’ll be taking more pics as I have time to play. 🙂 Jay and Drey are so cute together!


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