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Sim Poser OMSPs – No OfB required!
October 2, 2008, 2:03 am
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Image Heavy, sorry!

Greetings. After having so much fucking trouble with this project, I was finally able to complete it.

I bring to you five OMSPs made to be used with Sims, instead of normal objects. Why? Well, I don’t have Open For Business, so I don’t get the Magisplay normally used for posing sims, so I was desperate and made these. I know I’m not the only person out there who doesn’t have OfB, so I figured I would share these.

These WILL NOT overwrite the original OMSPs. They were cloned and assigned their own GUIDs, so the two types can coincide with each other. Nifty, huh?

There is a slight issue with two of the OMSPs; Couch & TableDesk. For some reason, even though they have recolors, you cannot use the Design Tool on them. My own suggestion with this is to start with the Invis, toss your sim on top, and just remember: Floating Sim = OMSP underneath.

Here are some examples of what you can achieve with these OMSPs.





So, some of you  may be wondering how to use them. I’m pretty sure most of the regulars here know how to use OMSPs, since they have made such awesome clutter, but just in case there are some people who don’t know, here is a short How-To.

Step One: Buy the OMSP from Surfaces > Miscellaneous as shown above, and place it on your lot.

Step Two: Have your sim to a pose. I used Decorgal’s Custom Model Poses animbox, and used a Floor pose.

Step Three: If you haven’t already, turn on the mandatory cheats; moveobjects on, boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true, and boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false. Now go into Buy mode and grab your sim, then drag him on top of the OMSP.

Step Four: Grab the OMSP. You’ll know you have grabbed it right when you see the sim on top of the OMSP in the catalog display, as above.

Step Five: Drag the omsp+sim over to the desired position.

Step Six: Select the Design Tool (R I believe) and then click on the OMSP.

Step Seven: Select the Invisible recolor, and accept. Now you can start taking pictures!

What can I do if I can’t find the OMSP?
I can only offer a few suggestions. As I said above, Floating Sim = OMSP underneath, usually. Always, ALWAYS remember where you place them. I also recommend not saving while doing photoshoots. This way, if you do forget where they are, you can just exit to the ‘Hood and come back, then there will be no more MIA OMSPs.

Please let me know if you have any issues or questions. I worked my ass off on these, and I hope someone can find use for them.

Alternate –

Sim Poser OMSP – Ground

Please redownload again. I apparently edited the values, and didn’t save on the last clone. *Facepalm*
Alternate –

This was suggested by ZombieJill, and I have to thank her for being a genius.
At the request of Moune, I have cloned the ground OMSP and made it usable with the original. So now, my clone will NOT overwrite the original. Please redownload! The original is Takeo Kitchen Counter InvisiBlock, found here.

Achieve poses you couldn’t otherwise, thanks to the stupid snap-to shit you get when you place sims too close to each other. There will  be a small gap from your sims to the ground, but if you’re a camera-angle guru, you should be alright.

Photo Examples
The Gap, Close Sitting Example, Close Standing 1, Close Standing 2.

Cloned from: This, this, this and this.
House used in the previews: Here
Models:Zellot aka Lucifer by Mouseyblue w/ CC makeover, and Jin by me.

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I have OFB (obviously) but I think this is a fantastic idea! I have noticed when using the magisplay that the sim floats a bit higher than I’d like. I was wondering if you can queue actions while they’re on this b/c you can’t with the magisplay. Anyway, great idea and I’m editing my modeling hack post to include this.

Comment by Decorgal

It is an amazing idea!!!!!But it wont let me download it!!!
Please help!!!!! :):):):):):)
thanx xoxoxo

Comment by Tif

I think this is awesome even for those who have OFB. I am downloading, thanks for sharing!

Comment by danicast

thank you for these! they’re amazingly useful!

Comment by ree

Amazing! Very good work, I was looking for something like this.. (I don’t have OFB -.-“) But I can’t download 😦

Comment by Rhea

Thank you so much for sharing these! They saved my life xD

Comment by Himwath

I love you! Seriously! I was so bummed that I needed to have OfB for the tray thingie to pose my Sims on surfaces, but thanks to you I can! *runs to try it out immediately*

Comment by sga_girl

hi i love the idea but when i click amina box or the other nothing happen what a i doing wrong

Comment by evenstar

Hi evenstar,

I am not sure what you mean. If you could be a bit more specific, I’d gladly try and help as much as I can.


Comment by Solo

I don’t know when someone last commented…but whatever. These are flipping awesome! I’ll love you forever dude! Thanks so much!

Comment by Mary

Thank you so much 🙂

Comment by Melissa

One of the most useful mods ever! Thanks for making them!

Comment by Charlemange

Thank you, this is just what I need for a contest I’m in!

Comment by Katija

Dude, thanx so much!

Comment by Sly

Thank you for these…as if I don’t have enough…but these are special.

Comment by sleighill


fsdfsd thank you so much. I don’t have OfB and it makes me mad when I can’t pose them properly. ><;

Comment by Hana Maehata

Hey there. Sorry to bother you but I’m having a slight issue. When i position my sim on top of any of these OSMP, the sim floats waaay above where they should (about a foot above it would be a rough estimate). I am using decorgal’s posebox and it occurs even when my sim is wearing no custom content. I have read and re-read all of your instructions and I can’t see that i am doing anything wrong, but apologies if ive made a silly mistake somewhere.. I hope i have because it is an awesome mod.

Comment by Mel

I feel the same way 😦 I am having this problem also, what do we do? Please please help. What am I doing wrong?

Comment by JT

Hi i love this thanks ever so much 🙂

Comment by soph

Génial, thanks for this great & very good work.

Comment by jlouis

Thanks! I was looking for something like this.
Loved the yaoi poses! maybe you can tell me where you get theme x3

Comment by kyoushi

it not leting my use it why not

Comment by Elizabeth song

I have a problem, I can’t select the invisble recolor if my sims is in the OMPS. (sorry for the english, I’m french). My sims don’t want “tracer le plan de l’objet” – I can’t never do the step seven.

Comment by Free-July

I have this problem as well 😦

Comment by JT

it will not let me downlode it why

Comment by Elizabeth song

Thankyou so much for this! I was banned from MTS so this was a great find[:

Comment by KittensWithSprinkles

Hi I love your mod but I have one problem. when I pose my sim on top of the omsp they float 1 inch higher can u help me out on what im doing wrong ? Thnx a million

Comment by Lici

Thnx a million I just have the same problem as Mel 🙂

Comment by Lici

[…] *New: Solo created OMSP for Sims that don’t require the magisplay. You may find it here. Snap reset – If you forget which pose you played, use this to snap reset the Sim. An error […]

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i have the same problem decorgal has; the sims float a bit more above the omsp any suggestions on how to repair it, otherwise this is an extremely helpful hack thanks so much! 😀

Comment by celine

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Muchas gracias you’re awesome!

Comment by kale

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