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Rundown Illusion – 44 Grungy Pillow Recolors
October 3, 2008, 7:31 pm
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My internet was down for a full day yesterday, and it sucked. But it gave me some time to actually PLAY the sims. While I was playing, I noticed my poor boys had NO grungy pillows! WTF. So I made “some.”

Of course, “some” turned into 44…..eep.

DOWNLOAD – Mesh by Sunair is included.

Thanks to Sunair~!


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Thanks much for these. Maxis/EA or whatever company likes to screw us over by providing very little fun stuff and then making us pay for a bunch of add ons if we want certain things…and they don’t even include other certain things (like goth, punk rock/”grunge”, ect. items) at all. These beautiful pillows are going to be a great addition to my game.

Comment by k24601

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