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Bandwidth Dead
October 5, 2008, 11:04 am
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Yeah, my bandwidth is apparently all used up over at Box, so until I get unlazy enough to reupload everything to mediafire, no more downloads.

I did add some alt-links at GoS, so if you REALLY care, go check there. For now, I am actually having fun PLAYING the sims, for once, and taking epic amounts of photos. I feel like sharing a few, so have a look-see, yeah?

These are the only 4 I actually bothered to edit so far. I may just upload the rest as-is, since I fell in love with the lighting and angles. I think shooping them will only draw away from their natural awesomeness.

Models are Zellot and Jin, in case you were wondering, and the lyrics are by Killswitch Engage and Disciple.


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Nice editing. I really like the second picture..

Comment by Mel

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