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Still Beats & Eruption eyesets
September 19, 2008, 1:45 am
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I’m back again with some genetics, this time! Eyes to be exact. I had made these for my personal use, for those special characters, but I decided to share with all of you, too.

I used ZombieJill’s Clear Eyes as a base, since I love those so much.  ZombieJill’s originals are here.

The “Eruption” eyes were made with a star burst pupil for my Rock Star guys who like to pretend they’re wearing contacts.

The first 7 of “Still Beats” have a normal pupil, with 2 surrounding circles, so it comes off as a dark, mysterious type of eye(Or, looking at Jason up there, he’s coming off pretty clueless looking. xD). The remaining 5 are more along the lines of creepy, or monstery.


Eruption –
Still Beats –

Thank you ZombieJill and thanks for downloading~